Years of experience. A passion to help others reach new heights.


Russell Kimber is a certified personal trainer and boxing coach, who has has grown up in a gym for most of his life. After years of training and playing competitive, high-level sports, he was featured on the Discovery Channel program "The Fighters". Russell has worked with numerous gyms, schools, and independent fitness programs to impart his knowledge onto new students, all while still actively fighting and working full-time as a trainer at Kimber Fitness. Russell dedicates himself to motivating and teaching each individual client that walks through his doors to pursue and achieve their goals.

Russell specializes in Boxing, Kickboxing, and Self Defense training, but also will work with clients to help them establish whatever level of athletic foundation they need to achieve their goals. Whether you're looking for fast-paced, combat-based classes like Kickboxing, Boxing, or Self Defense - or you're looking to challenge yourself (and your body) through rigorous personal training courses, Russell Kimber will tailor each session to fit your needs.